COT CD 002/COT LP 002

01   Time Changes Space
02   At Home With The Snake
03   City
04   Charlie X
05   Pink Panza
06   Rice
07   Requiem For Ra
08   Kurosawa Meets Slow Charlie
09   Crimes
10   Riding On The Tip
11   The Man Who Fell To Easton
12   Death Of A Silent Planet
13   Pinhead Plutonium
14   Better
15   Tyner

Review (source): Just after the release of the great label compilation, Cup of Tea releases it's first full length album. The honour goes to Spaceways, best known from their Japanese Flute, whose remixes by i.e. Dj Food, Fila Brazillia and Coldcut were released last year. A very varied album, all tracks have in common that exciting rhythms are used. Most close coming to jazz, but again it features three more downtempo vocal tracks, besides that The man who fell to Easton is based on club rythms but the above layers make it again pretty wierd. Gregory Fleckner Quintet and Lisa Carbon Trio shoot to my mind, but that's to less to say... Spaceways is in full seven people, with Keith Bailey seems to be the most important. Even lucky the great 'Big Band drum 'n bass' of Pinhead Plutonium of their first 12" is also featured on this album, still sounding very much alive. Please, check it out. One of the delights of 1996.